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Be-Fit PINK Collagen, for Weight Loss, Well-Being, 60 Capsules, Free Shipping

Be-Fit PINK Collagen, for Weight Loss, Well-Being, 60 Capsules, Free Shipping




Be-Fit PINK Collagen, for Weight Loss and Well-Being, 60 Capsules, by Thanyaporn Herbs, Free Shipping

Vitamin Complex for Weight Loss and Skin Improvement

Rejuvenating complex  Be- fit  PINK  Collagen  for weight loss, improvement of well-being and skin condition, containing collagen, coenzyme Q10 and a herbal complex to accelerate metabolism and elasticity of the skin from the Thai phytopreparations manufacturer Thanyaporn Herbs.

This vitamin complex primarily maintains youthfulness and beauty of the skin and contributes to weight loss  – taking collagen capsules with a high content of herbal extracts that accelerate metabolism and reduce appetite, increases skin elasticity, prevents sagging and sagging.

Also, taking a vitamin complex with collagen and coenzyme in general slows down the aging of the body and has a beneficial effect on the articular and cartilaginous tissue, preventing the appearance of osteoporosis.

Taking a vitamin complex with collagen and coenzyme normalizes blood pressure, has a positive effect on diseases of the joints and cardiovascular system, and helps fight stress.

The composition of the vitamin complex Collagen plus Coenzyme plus herbal extracts:


each capsule contains –

  • Marine Protein 150 mg – Immunity, Strengthening Muscle Tissue
  • Garcinia extract 100 mg – decrease appetite, accelerate the breakdown of fats
  • Collagen 75mg – firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • White tea 35 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba 35 mg
  • Carotene 25 mg
  • Green tea 20 mg – strengthen capillaries, relieve puffiness
  • Tomato 20 mg – cleansing and regeneration
  • Seaside pine bark extract 15 mg – skin rejuvenation, stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.
  • Grape seed extract 15 mg – vitamin complex, skin cell renewal
  • Coenzyme Q10 – 10 mg – antioxidant, slows down skin aging and provides skin hydration

The package contains 60 capsules. Made in Thailand.

Method of application of the collagen vitamin complex:

  • Take 2 capsules 1 time daily



Free Shipping, Handling WORLDWIDE. The package will be shipped directly from Thailand via Registered Airmail, or Epacket Plus, with Tracking number, and it may take 11-25 business days to reach you.

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