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One Bottle, Neo Hair Lotion, Authentic, Packing size 120 ML.

One Bottle, Neo Hair Lotion, Authentic, Packing size 120 ML.

Product Description


One Bottle, Neo Hair Lotion, Authentic, Packing size 120 Ml

Neo Hair Lotion, Hair root Nutrients, Hair growth spray products and nourishment. Packing size 120 Ml. Neo Hair Lotion Innovation for your hair regrowth  treatment.

Packing size 120 ml per bottle

Size Packaging size 4x4x13 cm

125 grams weight

Is a product that has received GMP standards

Thailand FDA Registration No. 10-1-6100049438

Details of Neo Hair Lotion, hair regrowth treatment, hair Root nutrients Product 120 ml.

This product are for people who has Hair loss problem, thin hair, bald head.

At present, the adverse conditions of women and men who lack confidence in daily life, such as hair loss, thin hair, bald head, both inherited, and from the body's immune system Or sex hormones That affects the scalp area Defective Thus causing such problems

By recognizing these important problems And with a sense of direction Modern medical science makes the Green Wealth Health Care Company research And tested for a long time, until finally, 100% permanent hair growth products Neo Hair Lotion, hair root lotion, rejuvenation and new hair cells Treat baldness, hair loss, thin hair, headaches, dandruff and scalp disease. The first owner in Thailand With higher quality than imported products from abroad, at the cheapest price, and has been accepted by those who actually use in the country continuously.

Neo Hair Lotion innovation for your hair

Today, Neo Hair Lotion is a tonic, revitalizing, baldness treatment, hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. That is 100% sure and has the highest reviews. At an affordable price . Neo Hair 100% Natural Lotion

Green Wealth Health Care Co, ltd., therefore researched and experimented with natural herbs. At high efficiency, and is safe for humans ,until the Neo Hair Lotion products are derived from the 4 best natural extracts for the health of the scalp And your shiny, healthy hair cells

Extracts from 4 natural herbs that are

1. Extract from cantaloupe

Helps to nourish, revitalize, accelerate the regeneration of new hair to have a long, black and strong from roots to hair ends. Inhibit the fall Helps soften and shine hair.

2. White ginseng extract

Stimulates blood circulation Of the scalp cells to awake,  make the hair roots get adequate nutrition, resulting in the hair root being stimulated to thrive respectively, ready to nourish the hair roots to be strong, and durable And reduce hair loss well.

3. Saw Palmetto Extract

Natural extracts Of palm seeds, Saw Palmetto in Europe, helps reduce the work of Testosterone hormone that causes hair to fall degenerative scalp cells in men, and help reduce ,and inhibit hair loss From genetic causes as well

4. Hair wax treatment

Coconut extract, and wild honey helps repair the wear and tear,with hair nourishment protecting from the destruction of sunlight and chemical pollution from the outside, eliminating dandruff, helping to maintain dry and split hair to come back to be lively, soft, sleek, shiny and easy to shape.

Steps to use Neo Hair Lotion

1. Comb the hair or massage the scalp before and after, use about 6-7 times to stimulate the scalp to awake.

2. Use Neo Hair Lotion to spray thoroughly after showering in the morning, evening and before bedtime. Use your hands to massage the scalp slightly for 2-3 minutes. Let the lotion dry. And do not wash

3. Should be used with discipline, consistency and continuously.

4. While using Neo Hair Lotion, use a gentle shampoo for the scalp and hair roots only.

5. Do not paint or dye the hair while using Neo Hair Lotion because the chemicals from dyed hair make it harder for Neo Hair Lotion to work.

6. In order to see clearly changes, suggest to use on a daily basis, and use from 2-3 bottles or more.

The result depends on individual differencely, including discipline in use. Neo Hair Lotion should be used continuously, and properly until your hair grow up again, and stronger than ever.



Free Shipping, Handling WORLDWIDE. The package will be shipped directly from Thailand via Thailand Post, Registered Airmail, or Epacket Plus, with tracking number, and it may take 11-25 business days to reach you.

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